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*Endorsing Moollon Basses*

-Moollon Custom Root Beer Sparkle Classic J-V

-Moollon Custom '51 Spec Blonde P-Classic

-2017 Roscoe Guitars Classic Custom PJ4

-2018 Atelier Z M265 Custom Jazz Bass

-2003 German A. Schroetter Upright Bass

-2004 Fender Am. Std. Precision Bass

-2016 Fender Am. Std. Jazz Bass

-2013 Fender Am. Special Precision Bass

-2018 Fender Ltd. Edition Std. Precision Bass

-2017 Fender Mustang Bass

-2015 Rickenbacker 4003 

-2008 Lakland Decade

-2019 Sire Marcus Miller P7 

-2018 Sire Marcus Miller V3 

-Shecter Elite Diamond 

-Steinberger Spirit

-Dean Custom Shop P

-& More...



-Ampeg PF500

-Ampeg Micro-VR

-TC Electronic BH800

-TC Electronic BQ500

-TC Electronic BAM200


- Ampeg Cabinets

     -Ampeg Heritage 4x10 HLF

     -Ampeg SVT 8X10E

     -Ampeg BXT210M

     -Ampeg SVT210AV

     -Ampeg BA2x10V2

     -Ampeg B50r Rocket Bass


-Currently using Dunlop, Ampeg, Boss, TC Electronic, Digitech, Maxon, Behringer, ISP Technologies, Hotone & Electro-Harmonix Effects Units

Keyboards & Synths

-Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synth

-Yamaha CS6X Keyboard


-Daw: Logic Pro X                              

Monitors: Sterling Audio MX3 (Pair)

-Midi Keyboard: M Audio Oxygen 25


-Strings: Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky

-Straps: LM Straps, Steph Straps, Basso Straps

-In Ears: MEE Audio M6 Pro

-Straplocks: Schaller Straplocks

-Picks: Dunlop Big Stubby 2.0

-Cables: Reverb, Vox, & Live Wire Cables

-Wireless: Line 6 G30 Wireless System

-Pedalboard: Pedaltrain 2 & Gator G Bone

-DI Box: Ampeg SCR-DI, TC Electronic Spectradrive, EHX Batallion 

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