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The Professional

Taking part in successful Tours, Shows, National TV Performances, & Sessions, Zach has experience playing on a multitude of stages and is comfortable playing virtually every style of music. Zach has played some of the US's most famous theatres, amphitheaters, stadiums, and clubs, & with a number of national events under his belt, he has gained valuable experience on the big stage. Shows he's played have ranged from Pop, Rock, Classical Orchestra, Irish Polka, & Heavy Metal all the way to Funk/Rap, EDM, Trap & more.


Using his knowledge of music theory, he is able to create complex, yet elegant basslines for songs of all genres. Also a songwriter, Zach Andrews has co-written songs & albums with many different artists. He has used his ability to play & write to release a co-written full length album with his solo band, "Andrews/Louis" in 2015, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

His live performances have been met with great acclaim for his enthusiastic and entertaining shows. No matter the artist he's playing with, Zach always gives 100% to the show, bringing great energy and passion to the stage which results in an entertaining show and a successful night for everyone.


The Early Days

Zach Andrews began playing the bass guitar at age 12, where he found an unexpected passion in the form of a 4 string bright yellow Fender Precision Bass. From the moment his hands touched that bass, he knew he would never look back. He then began to take lessons, and everything clicked instantly. Shortly after that he began gigging in and around Los Angeles at age 13.


As an avid fan of classic rock bands such as Aerosmith, Heart, Alice Cooper, & more, he quickly found his niche in the Rock N' Roll genre at a young age. Playing his first ever show at the famed Sunset Strip House Of Blues, he got a taste of what was to come in his bright future. Frequenting famous clubs such as LA's "Whisky A Go Go" & "The Mint", Zach saw many great and inspiring bands, all while shaking a few hands along the way. Zach's connection with the bass goes far beyond just playing, it's the passion and energy he brings to the instrument that propels him to a bright & successful career.


And to this day, Zach hasn't forgotten about that beat up Yellow Precision Bass that changed his life forever, as he still uses Fender Precision basses while touring & recording.

Zach's ability & drive at such a young age led him to a career in the music business playing with many great bands & artists. It was the day a 12 year old Zach Andrews picked up that sought after bass guitar that forever changed his life, and as they say, the rest is history.

The Musician

Zach has played for artists ranging from Grammy Winners & Emmy Winners to Pop Stars & Rock Stars. He has also worked with Reality Stars, playing all genres of music with multiple television personalities. Zach has worked with countless artists providing bass in both the live and studio settings. 

A few of his prominent credits include:

-Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)

-Ben Harper & Hey, King (3x Grammy Winner)

-Karli Webster (The Voice S13 Finalist)

-Inul Daratista (Indonesian Pop Legend)

-Alana Davis (Grammy Nominated 90's Artist)

-Nia Daniaty (Indonesian Pop Star)

-Sara Phillips (Pop Star)

-Josephine (Pop Star)

-Jesse Snider (TV: Rock the Cradle & Growing Up Twisted, Food Paradise, Haunted Live)

-Edi Roque (Guitar Legend)


Zach has worked with many amazing artists, only listing a few above.

Zach Andrews also does session work, live work, and touring with many new artists of all genres throughout the LA Area.

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